The brilliant Tefal Stirfry Pan or Wok

Tefal Intensium 28cm Stirfry PanAlthough the Tefal Intensium 28cm Stirfry Pan can’t technically be described as a Wok, it certainly does a great job at all kinds of cooking you use a wok for. Here at the Kitchen & Cook Shop we have an older version of this pan that is still going strong, and it has seen an awful lot of use as we love cooking curries, stir-frys, chilli con carne, and spaghetti bolognese in it.

The Tefal Stir-fry Pan has an extremely hard wearing intensium coating that is scratch resistant. In fact the majority of reviewers say they are impressed with how difficult it is to scratch it and even burnt food is easily cleaned off. The manufacturers claim that the coating is that durable that you can even use metal utensils in it. For me that goes against an important rule for non-stick pans so its not something I’m willing to try out!

I really like the red thermospot in the middle of the pan that indicates when the pan has reached a good heat ready for use. As this stirfry pan has a good thick heavy bottom it takes a little longer to heat up and the red thermospot tells you when its time to throw in the veg. The heavy bottom is a good anchor as well as I’ve found some other woks are too light and easy to knock over, or off the gas stove.

So this pan isn’t exactly a wok as the sides aren’t so high, but you can do the same things with it, and possibly more as some people even cook eggs and omelettes in it. It is light and conducts heat well as it is made of Aluminum and has a copper base which is essential for quickly stir frying food. I think it is great value for money as well at only £27.00 as unless you use it everyday it will last a long time.

Overall reviewers are very happy with the Tefal Stir fry Pan. Tefal is a trusted name in cookware, so you know you are buying a quality product and it’s recommended by us here at the Kitchen & Cook Shop.

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