Product Comparison: 5kg Electronic Kitchen Scales

For those that like to cook or bake, a set of decent kitchen scales is an essential piece of equipment for the kitchen.

In this article we will take a quick look at three kitchen scales that have been designed to weigh up to 5kgs of ingredients (including bowl). They cost between £13 and £23 (Updated: November 2016) and all have good reviews on the UK Amazon website.

Let’s begin by looking at the cheapest kitchen scales that we have chosen for this comparison, the Salter Slim Design Electronic Platform Kitchen Scale, Black. These kitchen scales measure up to 5kgs in weight in increments of 1g, very useful for being accurate with your quantities. They are slimline in form and modern and attractive to look at. I would guess that they are easy to store due to their slim design and I like the stainless steel platform and the LCD display looks easy to read.

Salter Slim Design Electronic Platform Kitchen ScaleSalter have a long history in the weights and measures business and the reviews of this kitchen scale are generally favourable although the biggest gripe that people have with these scales is that they only tend to last a year or less before packing in. This is certainly not ideal but perhaps you get what you pay for? Although Slater offer a 15 year manufacturers guarantee on these scales, for the most part it probably isn’t worth the hassle of sending them away for a refund if they have broken. A common problem with these scales seems to be that they are susceptible to water damage so using large quantities of liquids on or near them is not recommended. Damage by liquids would probably not be covered by guarantee anyway.

These Salter Kitchen Scales are also available in white and silver:

Duronic KS5000 Large Digital Display 5KG Kitchen ScalesNext we have the Duronic KS5000 Large Digital Display 5KG Kitchen Scales. The RRP of these kitchen scales is £50 but at the time of writing they are available to purchase at just £19.99, which is a steal! As with the other kitchen scales compared here, they have a maximum weight capacity of 5kgs and measure in 1 gram increments. I love the very clear round display and the way that it shows the weight being measured with large numbers. It looks very sci-fi to me! It is supplied with a lovely stainless steel mixing bowl which makes the price of these scales even more unbeatable. These scales have a zero/tare function and auto switch-off to save battery power.

Reviews by users are mostly excellent. There are a couple of complaints of customers receiving a faulty product and some mention that the bowl and scales seem a little flimsy, but the overall feeling is that these really are top notch scales with great features at an excellent price.

VonShef Precise Digital Mixing Bowl Kitchen Scales with 5kg CapacityFinally we come to the VonShef High Quality 5kg/11lb Digital Electronic Kitchen Scales with Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl. VonShef make a wide range of kitchen equipment and have a good reputation. Let’s see how these scales compare to the Salter and Duronic makes, shall we?

The first thing to note is that these VonShef scales use a 9v battery that is not supplied with the unit so you will have to add that extra expense to your purchase price. The other two kitchen scales compared here include batteries so this is something to consider. However, these kitchen scales do look to be of a very high standard. The brushed metal effect is great and like the Duronic scales mentioned earlier, these VonShef kitchen scales are supplied with a stainless steel bowl. Maximum weight is 5kgs and it measures in 1g increments as the others do. These scales are also similar to the Duronic scales in that they have a Tare/Zero function and auto-shutoff to save battery wastage.

Which would we buy?

For me, the answer is quite obvious. Although the VonChefs are well rated and look great, I would be tempted to opt for the Duronic Kitchen Scales. The reviews tell me that this is a decent product and I love the design. The VonShef Electronic Kitchen Scales would be my second choice because I feel that they are a quality product. Personally, I would not buy the Salter Kitchen Scale mostly due to the negative reviews it has got regarding breakdowns.

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