Product Comparison: Electric Blade Coffee Grinders

Freshly ground coffee smells and tastes lovely, and for those of us on a budget or with small kitchens, a compact electric blade coffee grinder is the perfect answer to achieving that freshly ground flavour! Blade coffee grinders are known to be not quite as good for grinding coffee beans as burr coffee grinders, but these items are generally bigger, more expensive and not capable of grinding anything other than coffee beans.

Below are three coffee grinders that we shall quickly compare for you using feedback from buyers on the UK Amazon website and from our own experience.

In our kitchen, we have the Bosch MKM 6003 coffee grinder in black colour. Although this electric coffee grinder costs a little more that the others shown here, it matches our Bosch kettle. How stylish, I hear you say! I actually use our Bosch coffee grinder solely for grinding the chillies that I have grown in my garden and dried using the excellent Severin Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs Dryer.

Bosch MKM 6003 Coffee GrinderI find that this coffee grinder perfectly chops up my chillies to either coarse flakes or fine flakes, all the way up to a fine powder, or ‘magic dust’ as we like to call it! It can also be used for grinding nuts and other spices and it does the job really well. The Bosch MKM 6003 coffee grinder is easy and safe to use and is available in black or white. It is quite easy to clean, but for obvious reasons it must not be submerged in water. The blade is very sharp so take care when cleaning this coffee grinder. The black colour is very classy, but I feel that the white doesn’t look quite so nice. I’m not keen on the green coloured switch, but that’s just a matter of taste.

At the time of writing, there aren’t any reviews of the Bosch MKM 6003 coffee grinder on but I can confirm that it is a quality product made by a dependable manufacturer.

Because I use my Bosch grinder for hot chillies, I dare not use it for coffee, even after cleaning, so I am thinking of purchasing a coffee grinder solely for coffee beans. Two of the best value coffee grinders that have caught my eye are the VonShef Whole Coffee Bean, Nut & Spice Grinder and the Andrew James 150W Coffee, Nut and Spice Grinder. Both are excellent value and compact in size, and would be great for grinding coffee beans and nuts and spices. Let’s take look at these two coffee grinders shall we?

Andrew James 150W Coffee, Nut and Spice GrinderThe Andrew James 150W Coffee, Nut and Spice Grinder has an excellent rating on As with the other coffee grinders compared here, it has sharp stainless steel blades and capacity of about 70 grams (10 cups). The Bosch has a 75 gram capacity and claims to provide coffee for 11 cups. The VonShef coffee grinder has a 70 gram capacity, but oddly claims to provide enough coffee for 12 cups, more than the Bosch although it has a smaller capacity!

Most reviewers of the Andrew James 150W Coffee, Nut and Spice Grinder are happy with their purchase. The overall feeling is that this coffee grinder is a good purchase, with its only fault being that it does not always produce an even coffee grind on just one attempt. Two or more whizzes are often required. Many reviewers mention that it is excellent for nuts and spices but you could do better for coffee grinding by using a burr coffee grinder.

VonShef Whole Coffee Bean, Nut & Spice GrinderFinally we look at the VonShef Electric Coffee Grinder. This is a very nice looking coffee grinder with a stylish design. Like the Andrew James coffee grinder, it has a 150 watt motor (the Bosch is more powerful than the other two with a 180 watt motor) and it also has stainless steel blades. The main complaint that reviewers on have is that it is not particularly good at grinding nuts. Previous VonShef grinder models were prone to failure but it would appear that VonShef has sorted out these problems and quality control has been vastly improved with this new model. Well done VonShef!

The Andrew James and VonShef grinders cost about £15 at the time of writing (updated: November 2016) and those that are happy with the VonShef Electric Coffee Grinder have no complaints, especially at the price, but my feeling is that I would choose the Andrew James Grinder for my coffee beans as it appears to have more positive reviews than the VonShef. As I mentioned earlier, I am very happy with my Bosch MKM 6003 coffee grinder. It is more powerful that the other two here, but at present it costs about £8 more than the VonShef or Andrew James Grinders.

I hope that this short product comparison helps you if you are looking to purchase an electric blade coffee grinder.