Product Comparison: Electric Grills with Griddles

Barbeques and food cooked on the grill is a pleasure that we enjoy every summer, but with such unpredictable weather for the rest of the year, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy that ‘outdoors’ cooked taste whatever the season? With these electric grill and griddle appliances it is completely possible!

Below are three electric grills with griddle plates that we shall quickly compare for you using feedback from buyers on the UK Amazon website.

Product Comparison: Electric Grills with Griddles

All three of these electric grills are available to purchase between £27 and £41 (updated: 07/11/2016), and even less sometimes if there are special offers on. They are excellent for all year round use and perfect for using when camping or in a caravan or campervan. Importantly they are all created to cook food healthily, have non-stick surfaces and are easy to clean.

George Foreman 18603 Grill and GriddleLet us start with the most expensive, the George Foreman 18603 Grill and Griddle. George Foreman grills have an excellent reputation and they have produced many different models of various sizes and capabilities. They began the small healthy grill revolution and today continue to manufacture superb products. The George Foreman 18603 Grill and Griddle has a large griddle area, and both the grill and griddle have their own independent temperature controls which allows you to adjust the temperature of each surface dependent on the type of food you are cooking. This electric grill and griddle is well sized, thus allowing you to cook for 10 people all at once. Imagine that! Of course, George Foreman grills claim to be very healthy and the non-stick surface in this grill means that by not adding any extra oil, you can reduce your fat intake when cooking as up to 42% of the fat from food is removed in the cooking process.

On this product receives in the most part very good reviews, however the George Foreman 18603 Grill and Griddle has obtained a few bad comments. Some people received faulty items whilst others complain that this grill has a tendency to blow the fuses when it is on, so be aware of this. The other thing often mentioned is that the angle of the grill is not as sloped as other George Foreman grills meaning that the fat does not drain away as much as it should.

VonShef Electric Grill Griddle, Sandwich, Panini Press and Griddle PlateVery similar to the George Foreman grill is the VonShef Grill and Griddle. This electric grill and griddle can also cook 10 portions at once and has separate controls for the grill and the griddle, although in this case the grill is just on/off whilst the griddle has temperature control. It is a little more stylish than the George Foreman model (in my opinion) but perhaps it is unnecessarily wide. The reviews on for this product are very positive.

The VonShef Grill and Griddle also claims to be excellent for making paninis, and it certainly does look that way. I’d very much like to test this one day.

Both the George Foreman 18603 Grill and Griddle and the VonShef Grill and Griddle have a floating hinge that allows you to cook on the grill on both sides at the same time, however our final electric grill in question does not have that option. The James Martin Table Grill with Flat Plate is made by Wahl and has a large cooking surface with both ridged grill and flat griddle areas. It has an adjustable temperature control and easy to clean removable parts, something that the neither of the other grills here have, much to some people’s dismay!

James Martin Table Grill with Flat Plate ZX833Reviewers on are very impressed with this tabletop grill in the most part. Quite a few reviewers have compared this to George Foreman grills and are claiming that this is not only much better, but that they would not go back to using a George Foreman electric grill again – high praise indeed! The point that most people make is that this electric grill is easy to clean, and for many this is an important fact. Is it enough to sway you towards buying a James Martin Grill over a George Foreman one?

As for us at Kitchen and Cookshop, we like the idea of a floating hinge so we would probably opt for the VonShef Grill and Griddle. It is quite a bit cheaper than the George Foreman model and it looks good and tough! It also has the added benefit of being a panini maker too. If a hinge is not important to you, the James Martin Table Grill with Flat Plate looks like an excellent buy. The George Foreman 18603 Grill and Griddle used to be our grill of choice, and it is still a great griddle/grill combo, but nowadays the VonShef pips it to the post on price and positive reviews.