Product Comparison: Electric Juicers

It is generally agreed by nutritionists and medical professionals alike that juicing is good for you, especially if you or those in your family are not keen on vegetables. Investing in a juicer can really improve your health if you use it sensibly and follow a well designed nutritional plan.

As you can see from looking at the products we have chosen below, you do not have to spend a vast amount of money to start living a healthy lifestyle. Electric juicers range from £25 to over £300 depending on what you want to juice, in what quantities and with how much power!

Here we are going to look at three juicers that we feel are great for those that are just starting to juice their fruit and vegetables and who do not want to spend too much money as they begin this new venture.

Let us start by looking at the Russell Hobbs 20360 Desire Whole Fruit Juicer. The Russell Hobbs ‘Desire’ range is a modern collection of kitchen and household items in a classy style black and red colour combination. The design may not be to everyone’s taste, but I like it. At the moment this juicer costs about £80, so it is the most expensive juicer here.

Russell Hobbs 20360 Desire Whole Fruit JuicerAs far as the juicer goes, the Russell Hobbs juicer has a pretty standard 2 litre pulp container and 750ml juice jug. It has the largest chute of the three at 78mm, meaning that you can add well sized fruit and vegetable to the juicer. The removable stainless steel runs at two speeds and is easy to take out to clean.

Reviews on for the Russell Hobbs 20360 Desire Whole Fruit Juicer are very good. There are some poor reviews mostly these are people complaining about the noise and that the juicer can be difficult to clean. The majority of people accept that grinding up fruit is a noisy business and that cleaning this juicer is no more difficult than others on the market. Everyone seems to agree that the Russell Hobbs juicer looks good!

VonShef Professional Powerful Whole Fruit JuicerThe next two juicers are very similar in size, shape and design. If they were unbranded, you would find it hard to tell them apart! Both the VonShef Professional Powerful Whole Fruit Juicer and the Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer In Stunning Red have stainless steel blades, the same power motor (990w), the same rpms (1500 & 1800), same sized chute (75mm) and the same sized juice jugs (750ml) and pulp containers (2l)!

So is there any difference between the two? According to the reviews on, the Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer has a slightly higher overall rating. There are a few complaints with the VonShef juicer burning out and parts breaking off, especially plastic tubes and handles. The Andrew James juicer seems to have a better reputation over all.

The main difference that I can see is that the VonShef Professional Powerful Whole Fruit Juicer makes a point of mentioning in bold that their juicer is not designed for citrus fruit. This might make a big impact on which juicer you choose if you only had these two juicers available.

Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer In Stunning RedAnother difference is that the Andrew James juicer is available to purchase in red and black colours, meaning that you have a better chance of it suiting your current kitchen design.

At present (Updated: November 2016), the Andrew James Juicer costs an excellent £29.99, whilst the VonShef Juicer costs a tad more at £31.99, but the price of these juicers changes often so it is always best to keep an eye on the prices and compare products before purchasing.

Which would we buy?

If we were just getting into juicing, here at Kitchen and Cookshop, we would most probably plump for the Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer in black. The Russell Hobbs juicer comes from a well established manufacturer of kitchen items but if we wanted to spend more money we would purchase a more expensive juicer, such as the very highly rated Sage by Heston Blumenthal – The Nutri Juicer Plus.

Essential Reading:

If you are just starting to enjoy the benefits of juicing, these books are certain to help you find the best recipes. They are full of tips and advice for juicing and dieting with juices and are available on Kindle devices and in traditional print. Enjoy your juicing!